Node 1: The Orange Grove

Find out how to play the 1st of 6 nodes in this social game!

First… Have you checked in at the International Center? We are in the main lobby of the Anaheim Convention center (look for the international flags). We’ll need you contact information in order to be able to reach you on Wednesday July 24th, if you are one of our special prize winners. The 1st 100 players to sign up will also receive a special 1940s fedora hat, to show that you have enrolled in the game (at each node, we have special badges that you can put on your hat; can you solve all the challenges ?!!!).

The first node is a virtual orange grove, hidden among a small group of palm trees next to CAF Theater. You have 5 different opportunities to find marked oranges. Reveal the pattern and deliver it to the International Center, in exchange for the geolocation of your next challenge: a point on the map past the remote… Kyoto Farms. (node #2)