Node 1 details

Node 1 is the ‘Orange Grove’, where the challenge is to find patterns of marked oranges.

There are 5 augmented-reality Triggers at this location. Each one represents an ‘orange grove’. Four of these are basic, and the 5th is a special challenge. You only need to complete the first 4 in order to continue to Node 2 (but the special challenge allows you to enter a drawing for a Makey-Makey electronics kit).

The challenges in Node 4 all about ‘time’. In each of the 4 basic ‘orange groves’ the challenge is simple: The auras are bunches of oranges that cycle through an animation (for example: 3 oranges for a few seconds, and the 5 oranges for a few seconds). Some of these are marked, and some aren’t. On the ‘Marked Oranges’ flyer, label the ones that are marked (each ‘orange grove’ has 1 correct answer). Return this to the International Center, to receive a custom-cut achievement badge, and the directions to Node 2.

The special challenge is similar, but appears to be random. Sometimes you’ll see 3 oranges, sometimes two. You need to figure out what exactly is going on, and when the marked oranges will appear. Good luck! (the clock is ticking)