Node 2 details

Node 2 is the ‘Map’, where you have to fold a specific pattern in a specific location.

In Node 2, we play with a special feature of Aurasma: geolocation. And we also get creative with the concept of ‘triggers’.

At the International Center, you will receive a ‘Folding Map’ flyer, and the geolocation of Node 2. If you need help understanding how to find
a geolocation on a map, our volunteers can help you.

The challenge: To fold the flyer so that it matches a particular pattern, and scan it at the correct geolocation (that pattern will only work as an Aurasma trigger when scanned at that geolocation). If you succeed, you will find the geolocation of Node 3 (and with that geolocation you can also collect your limited-edition Node-2-badge at the International Center).