Node 3: Nowhere

Find out how to play node 3!

Remember Alice in Wonderland? First she was tiny, then she was too large…

Scale: It plays with our ability to perceive, and describe, things. What is large? What is small? Compared to what? And where exactly is that edge, between large and small? Nowhere. Sometimes scale is the solution, or the problem (Alice shrinks to a size small enough for the door, but she soon realizes that she has left the key on top of the glass table!).

If you have ‘found your place’ in node 2, you know that node 3 is really a no-place, at the “edge of the world”. Seek and you shall find. This is a geocache hunt. You are looking for ¬†a hint to what the next AR trigger might be. Only then will you be able to escape this world completely (and receive the 1st clue to the enigmatic enigma machine).