Node 4: Adivinanzas del Mundo

Find out how to succeed in node 4!

A long time ago, before Hollywood Blockbusters, there were moving pictures, magic pictures. Even before that, there was theater, and prestidigitation. This original sense of wonder can still be found in a small corner of Orange County, in a place called Adivinanzas del Mundo.

In this node, gloved hands will be your silent guides, leading you from magic picture to magic picture, across a piece of reality that becomes surreal or even… magic-realist. Once you have enjoyed all the shows, you’ll be able to get some well-deserved rest in node 5: the oasis of knowledge and power. Don’t forget the 2nd clue to the enigmatic enigma machine!

And if you get your hands on an enigma machine, feel free to return. Like in any good movie, there are details you may have missed the 1st time around!