Node 5 details

In node 5, you’ll have a chance to re-discover the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery.

In this Node, you will have the opportunity to re-discover the Conference’s Art Gallery. If you haven’t been to the Art Gallery, this challenge is a great opportunity to find out more. And if you think you already know everything that is being shown at the Art Gallery, you’ll need to look again.

In Node 5, there are many copies of the same Aurasma trigger image, but they show different auras. Each aura asks you to identify an Art Gallery work, based on just the faintest of hints. You will be given 3 glyphs, which are half of a complete encoded cipher (the other half is found in the Art Gallery, next to the exhibited work). If you match the correct set of 6 glyphs, and decode it correctly using an enigma machine, you can enter to win an Acer C7 Chromebook.

You will also receive instructions on what to do with parts 1 and 2 of the ‘Enigma Machine Plans’. (and also receive your Node-5 collector’s badge)