Node 6 details

Finally, node 6, where code-decryption machines are being produced (the ‘enigma machines’ which you will need to unlock node 5 and additional challenges in node 4).

The end is the beginning, since Node 6 is back at the International Center. If you are one of the first 40 players to complete the sequence of challenges, and have both parts of the ‘Enigma Machine Plans’, you can receive one of our special 3d-printed ‘enigma machines’. These are tools that can be used to decode the ciphers in Node 5 and the Art Gallery, as well as other hidden ciphers (for example, you can watch the Node 4 videos once again, and discover the ciphers hidden there; the first 25 players to decode these will receive Amazon or Starbucks gift cards).

Since the enigma machines are ‘limited edition’, feel free to ask one of our volunteers to use his/her enigma machine to help you decode any ciphers.

There is, of course, a special badge for Node 6 (it’s gold!). In exchange, we only ask that you take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire, which will help us improve the game experience in 2014 and beyond!