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This is a social game to promote the very interesting Technical Papers at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver. Everyone is welcome to join us between Sunday-Wednesday and play the game at the International Center [room 210, West Building; VCC].

In the 1940s, before the advent of satellites, spies would be sent behind enemy lines, to launch weather balloons and predict weather patterns that would benefit military strategy. Data would be sent back across the ocean using telegraph from shore to boat to boat. The right data at the right time...
could help you find a way to 'Escape from Vancouver'.

You are a foreign spy trapped in Canada.
Discover the world city where a seaplane
will come from and rescue you.
To help the seaplane get to Vancouver safely, figure out
the special 'trajectory angle'.
Send the trajectory angle to your seaplane crew
using the haptic-psychic communication terminal.
Examine the Easy-Read Technical Paper to discover
when and where to meet the seaplane.
Conspire with fellow attendees at a presentation
about CG in your region of the world.
Play for a chance to win great prizes including:
Surface Pro 3 tablet
Fitbit Flex fitness bands
... and real seaplane tours!
The Conference theme, reinterpreted
('Naturally Digital')
Special thanks:
To all our friends for making this possible
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