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We needed to get to a safe place and think about our next step. I headed back to town. We found a hotel featuring Mom’s apple pies and sporting a red white and blue banner. We were exhausted and needed a rest. We rented rooms. I threw my hat on a chair, kicked off my shoes, and was asleep before my heads hit the pillow.

It was late afternoon when a knock at my door woke me up. “Hey doll…,”

“Doll? Who you calling doll?” came the baritone voice.

The voice was attached to a buttoned up, square shouldered gent with a single small bulge on his chest. Definitely not Senka.

“Sorry Mac, I was expecting someone else.”

The man’s hand reached into his breast packet. I winced expecting the worst, but he pulled out a badge, an FBI badge at that, in a practiced move. “Mr. Brady Rogers? I’m agent Brown; I have reason to believe that you are in possession of information vital to our country’s national security.”

“You here to arrest me?” I asked.

“Did you do something wrong? I noticed you winced a bit just now. Better we talk inside.”

“I have a nervous condition around people backing heat. And the worst thing I did in the last couple of days is to steal some oranges.”

“Fortunately for you that isn’t a federal offense, unless you drove them over a state line. You didn’t drive them over a state line did you?”

“No… no I didn’t do that. How is it you are looking for me, and more to the point how did you fine me?”

“You had a passenger a couple of days ago, seems he gave you some information to track down. I need that information. As far as how I know, I have the full resources of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation at my disposal.”

“I didn’t have anything to do with his death, he was wounded when he got into my cab and gunned down in front of the British embassy.”

“I know, Mr. Rogers it wasn’t chance that he got into your cab. He sought you out as someone to trust. He gave you some information knowing it would be safe in your hands. He hoped to recruit you to help with his investigation. I need that information now.”

“Well what we got is two cigarettes.”


“Yeah, my associate and me. Seems we did all your leg work getting shot at and all and what we got is a couple of special cigarettes.”

“Mr. Roger, I need whatever you have.”

“OK, follow me,” I led him next door to Senka. From the door I could see that she had the cigarettes taken apart with tobacco spread out on the coffee table. I introduced Agent Brown. She let us in and then held the paper up to the light of the window. “There is something in the skull logos. Not all of the ink matches; I would like to put this under a microscope.”

“There’s a hospital on the other side of town; they’ll have microscopes there,” Agent Brown said.

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