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We left in Agent Brown’s car. I rode in the back; which made me a little nervous. The Palestine General Hospital had two lion sculptures that flanked the entrance. Agent Brown flashed his badge and we were led downstairs to a lab. Senka commandeered a microscope and fitted the cigarette paper onto a slide. Agent Brown made his way to a desk and started making phone calls.

It wasn’t long before Senka pulled me over to have a look. There in the lens of the scope I could plainly see draftsmen’s diagrams of some kind of box. Senka switched slides and now I could see diagrams of wheels and pairs of letters. The circles of speech I thought. The whole thing must be plans for some kind of code generating machine.

Senka showed Brown what she had found when he finished his phone calls. Since Senka spoke a number of languages, German being one, she translated the diagrams into English making careful notes along the way. After about an hour and a half, she announced that she had finished.

A tall thin man with a thin moustache came into the lab. Brown joined him and they whispered for a moment. The only thing I could make out is that he was to take the findings to Bletchley Park immediately. I could only guess that Bletchley Park was some kind of spy spook office.

“Miss Senka and Mr.Rogers, This man has come to take the documents that you found. I can’t emphasize this enough, but the fate of our allies and most likely your fellow Americans will depend on your strict silence. You are not to talk about the events of these last few days to anyone. You have the thanks of two grateful nations. I’m afraid I will have to leave as well. I’ll have one of Anaheim’s finest drive you back to your cab.”

With that the California Conundrum ended. Senka and I didn’t even talk about it to each other on the way back to LA.